Summer Enrichment Program Grades K-6

Saint Ambrose of Woodbury School offers a summer program for student entering kindergarten through grade six. There are a variety of classes in a wide range of topic including: mathematics, science, reading, cooking, art, lego, computer games and much more. Courses will be offered Monday through Friday from July 20-24th. Students may take from one to three courses. All courses will be 1.5 hours in length. Lunch will be provided.

Course 1: 9:00-10:30

Course 2: 10:40-12:10

Course 3: 1:00-2:30


Each Child must be registered separately!

Before & After Care:

Available from 7:00-9:00 AM & 2:30-5:30 PM

Contact Extended Day at 651-768-3029

Registration & Fees:

If you register by May 27, the tuition for each course is $90.00, which will include all materials required for the course. After May 27, the fee will go up to $120.00 per course. A $50.00 per course deposit is due at the time of registration. You can select to be billed via TADS or to send a check into the school office. The fee should be sent to the school office attn: Janet Seidenkranz.

Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. In the unlikely event a class does not meet the minimum required enrollment, we will refund your payment in full. No refunds will be made for students absent during the summer session.

Program Confirmation:

In early July, registered families will receive a confirmation letter which will include a class schedule with room number and instructor name, as well as balance due.

For More Information:

Contact Dianna Helmberger at 651-768-3078 or at dhelmberger@saintambroseschool.org

Courses listed by Period

Period 1

Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come!

9:00-10:30/ Leah Kaeppe & Caroline Kinne


A fun kindergarten experience for all kinders-to-be. Students will get a sneak peek at life as a kindergartener.

Multiplayer Minecraft: Theme Park Builder

9:00 - 10:30/ Computer Explorers

1st - 5th

Students will work as a team to create a custom theme park in Minecraft. Use command blocks and redstone to create this world! Possible projects include roller coasters, water rides, trampoline park, obstacle course, a boat race, bumper boats, a dunk tank, and many more rides and attractions! Students will get a copy of the world map to take home and expand on. We will be using the PC/Java Edition of Minecraft.

Snack and Craft with your American Girl Doll

9:00-10:30/Bernadette Yarbrough


Do activities, play games and eat snacks with your American Girl doll! We will get to know each other, our dolls and the stories of the American Girls as we have fun with our dolls. Each day will be centered around a theme and our crafts, stories, games and snacks will follow the theme. Bring your doll and prepare to have a fun time!

Calligraphy and Crafting

9:00-10:30/Bailey Gardner


Do you love all things crafting? Have you seen the brush lettering style that is everywhere and wanted to try it yourself? Then this class is for you! We will spend the week learning a variety of hand lettering and calligraphy techniques, all while making super cute crafts that you can personalize! We will make a variety of crafts including cards, a custom name sign, and canvas and wood signs that you can display

Blast Off Into Rocketry

9:00-10:30/Bridget Hrabe


During this fun-filled week, we will learn about rocketry, test and record what makes a rocket fly successfully and finally construct and launch a basic model rocket right here on the playground.

Fantastical, Theatrical Puppet Adventures!

9:00-10:30/Sean Jones


Have you ever heard of a shadow puppet? How about a sock puppet? Join us as we explore the world of acting and storytelling through puppets! In this creative drama class you will have the opportunity to use various types of puppets s to dramatize children’s stories. The best part is, you get to make the puppets yourself! Come join us as we learn about this fun and unique way of storytelling.

Engineering in Action

9:00-10:30/Rhesa Freeman


Learn about the engineering design process by building, testing and rebuilding airplanes, catapults, egg drop devices and more.

Coding Fun

9:00-10:30/Kristen Jorgensen


Students will learn to use block code and color code to practice programming. Throughout the week students will practice coding through Hour of Code and Code.org. Students will also practice programming Dash Robots, Ozobots, and Lego WeDo robots. This course allows students to learn how to code and to extend their coding knowledge. No coding experience necessary!

Scripture Comes to Life

9:00 - 10:30/ Tiffany Madigan


Students will use scripture to role-play different parables. They will learn to look up Scripture passages. We will then use those parables to create modern-day or symbolic role plays. Students will strengthen their faith and understanding of scripture through play and creativity.

Junior High Boot Camp

9:00-10:30/Kris Woolsey


Learn all you need to survive junior high - note taking, essays, reading strategies, and more in an active, fast-paced and interest-based learning environment. Students will complete a series of fun "drills" like scavenger hunts to find your notebook, a relay race to get to all your classes on time, and practice meditation to make sure not to get stressed out. Plus, valuable time-management ideas!

Period 2

All Things Slime (K-2)

10:40-12:10/ Bernadette Yarbrough


Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get SLIMY??? During this class, we will create all kinds of ooey, gooey materials and learn why they are able to come together to create a substance that we just can put down. Gak, edible slime, fake boogers and elephant toothpaste are just a few of the fun things that you have to look forward to during our fun-filled week together!

Around the World With Art

10:40-12:10/ Bailey Gardner


Get ready to go on an adventure studying and creating art from all over the world! We will look at art forms from different cultures and complete a variety of our own worldly art projects using a wide variety of materials.

Robotic Builders: Mighty Machines

10:40 - 12:10/ Computer Explorers

1st - 4th

With the LEGO™ WeDo Robotics System, young children can build and program their robotic creations. Young imaginations soar! The LEGO® Education WeDo™ Robotics Builder, allows students to explore different Robotic Themes.Students working in teams will work with simple machines, program models they design and create, measure time and distance, write, and much more!

STEM for Beginners

1:00-2:30/Kristen Jorgensen


Students will think outside the box with this course! Students will be given different STEM challenges to complete throughout the week using a variety of materials. Science, technology, engineering and math will all be used throughout this course!

Mad Science

10:40 - 12:10/ Tiffany Madigan

2nd - 4th

If you love science experiments, then you will love this class! Students will work with the Scientific Method in this experiment-based, very hands-on course.

Acting Workshop

1:00-2:30/Sean Jones


In this drama class you will participate in a variety of improvisational theatre games and exercises designed to build acting skills and enhance your creative abilities. After building a strong base of skills, we will create a short theatre production. This production will be performed at the end of the week.Note: Previous theatre experience is not necessary!

All Things Slime (3-6th)

10:40-12:10/Bridget Hrabe


Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get SLIMY??? During this class, we will create all kinds of ooey, gooey materials and learn why they are able to come together to create a substance that we just can put down. Gak, edible slime, fake boogers and elephant toothpaste are just a few of the fun things that you have to look forward to during our fun-filled week together!

STEM Challenges

10:40-12:10/ Rhesa Freeman


Experience a variety of science throughout the week including: chemistry, physics, engineering, geology, meteorology, biology and more! Set up experiments, collect data and find answers to questions.

Period 3

Painting Your World

1:00-2:30/Bailey Gardner & Kristen Jorgensen


Experience the fun of completing a new painting project each day. Use watercolor, Tempera, acrylic, and fabric paint to complete a painted shirt, wooden frame, door hanger, canvas and watercolor creation.

Book Cooks 1

1:00-2:30 / Bernadette Yarbrough


This class revolves around great literature and yummy snacks! We will read a variety of stories, cook a snack to match and create a cookbook to take home with all of the recipes. Note: Students can have attended a previous Book Cooks class, or can be first-timers!

Improv Acting

1:00 - 2:30/ Sean Jones

2nd - 5th

An introduction for anyone excited to learn the fundamentals of improvisation acting. We will learn the basic tools, rules, and philosophy…through games, drills, and simple scenes. Improv is spontaneous, entertaining and fun!

Recycled Art

1:00 - 2:30/ Tiffany Madigan

3rd - 5th

In this class we will be collecting a ton of recyclable materials and students will use it to create art. Students will learn how to recycle and use those materials for new things/works of art. Someone else's trash can be a treasure and the best part is that this will help our earth.

Jewelry Making

1:00-2:30/Bridget Hrabe


In this class we will be creating eye-catching necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings. You name it and we will be making it! Using a variety of beads, string, charms, clay and a whole lot of creativity, you will be going home each day with a treasure for yourself or a treasure to give to someone special.


1:00 - 2:00/ Rhesa Freeman

3rd - 6th

Take a trip through space! Learn what is would be like to be a real-life astronaut and how astronomers study the stars, planets and more.

Game Coding: Super Mario

1:00 - 2:30/ Computer Explorers

3rd - 6th

This course will give you hands-on experience developing your own game using Scratch 3, a visual coding platform. Students will learn how to think like programmers and learn coding concepts while creating a 2-dimensional, arcade-style Super Mario Bros.-themed game. The first part of the class will be instructor-led; with the time remaining, students will have the opportunity to customize their games. Games created in class will be available online, or students can bring in a USB drive for immediate access.